Russia is the first country to find Anti-Covid 19 Vaccine


“Russia will officially register vaccines against Covid19 in the next few days”. Russia could become the first country in the world to find the first Covid19 vaccines. Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed on his Facebook page on August 11 that the world’s first anti-Covid19 vaccines will be registered in Russia in the next few days. It is should be remember that the Corona is now spreading worldwide and 20 millions has been tested positively.

According to Putin, Russian scientists have already gone through the necessary testing stages, proving the safety and effectiveness of the drug. Mr Putin said the vaccine is  “resistant” to the virus and that it was now “hopeful” not only for Russia but for the whole world.

“Just as Soviet satellites paved the way for humanity to enter space, now Russia’s vaccine will pave the way for the future, with no Covid 19 virus, no masks and no isolation,” he added.

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