Russia, China Strengthen Bilateral Ties to End the West Hegemonism


politicians and strategists Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday that Russia-China relations have been strengthened and will continue to be strengthened, according to Xinhua news agency. Lavrov told a Russian television talk show that the two countries’ ties were based on clear principles and goals of mutual benefit. He continued “strategic interaction and multilateralism” between China and Russia is not focused on anyone, but on the interests of the people and the two countries.

Commenting on the approach of some Western countries in dealing with China and Russia, Lavrov said: “No one is rude to others, but what we see on the contrary is an awkward conversation towards great civilizations like Russia and China.” “Those who are talking to China and Russia without respecting or insulting us are worthless politicians and strategists,” the top diplomat added.

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