Russia and Ukraine: 5 Reasons to Know Why


The war will be the Russia’s biggest sacrifice and confrontation with the West economically, and also led to long-term tensions. But Russia decided to go to war for the following reasons:

1.  For security and power reasons: at all costs, Russia must absolutely prevent the United States and NATO from approaching its borders, especially to include Ukraine with NATO, because it would be the greatest threat and a long-term obstacle for Russia to expand its power.

2. It shows that Russia is not as weak as it used to be in front of  NATO. Russia is now stronger and strong  enough to face more enemies and shows its power over the surrounding countries. Russia well-calculated that  it  is the EU that imports their products and services to sell in Russia more than  Russia to them.  

3. Russia well-calculated  that up to 40% of its oil and gas is being  supplied to Europe and is Europe’s  fifth largest trading partner. Europe’s overreaction to Russia’s invasion will lead to mutual destruction, and China will benefit the most. But if NATO does not respond strictly to Russia, it is a confirmation to the world that NATO is in decline.  Psychologically, Russia also understands that both the United States and Europe dislike China, so they can not let China benefit alone while they are biting each other. Therefore, the United States and Europe may not come to bite Russia until China is the sole beneficiary.

4. Russia is teaching China that even the territory of other countries it still dares to invade and cut into pieces. Why is China still afraid of invading Taiwan? China, on the other hand, responded psychologically by announcing that its citizens living in Ukraine should carry Chinese flags with them when traveling and keep staying at home. China wants to say that I have to cultivate nationalism deeply first, so that all Chinese people love their country strongly and keep the nation as important as their lives. China later said it understood Russia’s security concerns, meaning that if China were to invade Taiwan, Russia also would have to understand and help say a few good words for China to the world.  

5. Russia successfully split a strong enemy nearby itself into a weak enemy and created a satellite state (splitting Ukraine into parts).

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