Russia and China: the Reasons for Strengthening Cooperation

While the United States and China are vying for world influence and using political businesses for their own interests, Russia has a number of important reasons to cooperate with China. Those reasons include China’s economic growth and China’s commitment to energy investment and trade in Russia. Their main reason and great interest is to end US military, political and financial dominance in the world and to prevent a US-backed color revolution. Russia, like China, needs stability in Central Asia and tries to compete with the United States for influence in the Middle East.
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS, including the military exercise between the two countries, are at the heart of the two powers’ cooperation against the United States.

At the same time, the United States may form alliances of Democrats and quad Relations (US, India, Japan, Australia) to reduce their influence in Asia, as well as strengthen NATO to oppose Russia. (Benefits and dangers can make people cooperate well and can also cause people to quarrel). China-Russia cooperation will bring huge benefit for themselves and the world. U.S should recognize the important of multilateralism.

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