Republicans approve providing $12 billion in aid to Ukraine


After a confidential session on Monday night, Senate republicans indicated their potential support for more Ukraine help that the Biden cabinet has asked. However, senators are anticipated to exclude other top White House goals from the impending stop-gap package to keep the government open.

To be included in the continuing resolution that is required to keep the government open through September 30 is $12 billion in aid for Ukraine, according to the Biden administration.
GOP backing is crucial because it would need at least 10 Republican votes to end a blockade.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, a Republican, stated on Monday night that although negotiators are still debating the specifics of a bundle for Ukraine, it will be in the neighborhood of $11 billion and would contain humanitarian, economic, and military aid.

The discussions take place at a crucial juncture in Russia’s campaign in Ukraine. US officials generally saw Ukraine’s recent progress as proof that the kinds of weaponry and intelligence that the West has been giving to it in recent months have been successful.

The Biden administration has provided Ukraine with guns gradually since the crisis broke out in February, sometimes consenting to deliver equipment that would have been considered far too escalatory at the time.

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