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Rare Piebald Baby Deer Gave Unique View Of Beauty Of Nature’s Oddities


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Deer Tracks Junction, an amusement park and farm hybrid located in Cedar Springs, Michigan, is “all about Family, Animals, and FUN while producing lasting memories.

” Visitors to Deer Tracks Junction can “watch all types of wildlife “up close and personal,” all while strolling around the park,” the park’s proudest claim.

Although it sounds like a fantastic time, Deer Tracks Junction’s star, a special, small deer with “Piebaldism,” was its best and most distinctive feature.

He went by the name of Dragon, and although there aren’t many creatures in the world precisely like him, he was incredibly cute and unquestionably special.

Before arriving at Deer Tracks Junction, Dragon’s mother rejected him at birth.

Dragon has a condition called “Piebaldism.”

A disorder known as piebaldism is characterized by the lack of melanocytes in specific regions of the skin and hair.

The pigment melanin, which affects the color of the skin, eyes, and hair, is made by melanocytes. Patches of lighter-than-normal skin and hair result from the lack of melanocytes.

Due to the piebald, which leaves deer with poor vision and hearing and makes them more susceptible to predators, Dragon’s mother most likely abandoned him.

The birth of Dragon at Deer Tracks Junction, where humans could care for him instead of his mother, who abandoned him, was fortunate.

For his brief time on earth, the residents of Deer Tracks Junction and everyone else who had a glimpse of this unusual and endearing deer thought it was really cool.

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