Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is the most egregious disaster


Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, has been in power for more than two decades and has developed over the years an image of himself as a brilliant, strong leader during that time. Experts now say that his invasion of Ukraine was his greatest political blunder, and that it has deteriorated Russia for generations to follow. Russia’s economic and geopolitical position appears increasingly isolated and vulnerable.

Close observers of Putin say Russia’s military campaign is showing signs of despair, and they wonder how far Putin will go to achieve his goals.

Since coming to power, Putin has tried to undermine his opponents by expanding and vivifying Russian prestige internationally. Putin has a clear dream and vision for appealing to Russians to join him in building the nation. Vulgarization and vilification between Russia and NATO have continuously existed since Putin came to power. For Putin, the west makes serious mistakes and has to be fought back for the national interest. Putin appears to have been very successful over the last 20 years by displaying his military might, reviving the economy, and fortifying his alliances. Putin declared his vision for his motherland:

“Independent, Strong, effective, modern and focused on the future. It is a country where life is comfortable, pleasant, and prestigious”.

After 20 years of hard work, Russia has earned the reputation of a formidable and powerful nation. At the same time, the west is also confusingly interpreted as “on the declination”.

For these reasons, Putin mistakenly overestimated his might and underestimated the west by declaring the war to demilitarize Ukraine arrogantly. Putin not only invaded Ukraine and violated international law, but he also threatened to burn NATO to the ground, calling it “the worst disaster in history.” NATO, especially the US, thought that it would be a great opportunity to put an end to Russian ambition and the threat to all aggressors. The NATO members commit to showing off their might and solidarity in fighting against any nation that practices “aggressive policy”.

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