Putin Ambitions Beyond Ukraine and the Biggest Mistake


Henry Kissinger said that “Russia wants to establish absolute security”. However, Russia has geopolitical and geo-economic threats. It is concerned about its borders with China, the expansion of the NATO, and the upheaval in the Middle East, particularly given its long border with radical Islam. The fast growth of China’s influence, the expansion of the NATO by adding new members that are pushing closer to the Russian border, and the US invasion of the Middle East, cutting the Russian pipeline supply to the EU, the sanctions over Crimea, as well as the connecting borders with the radical Islamic states, Russia finds itself very weak and insecure.

Russia has been invaded from two directions throughout history. Mongolia invaded it first, from Central Asia’s vast grasslands. The second route took me through the plains of Northern Europe. To create buffer zones during the Cold War, the Soviets invaded the EU and Central Asia. Russia declared war on Georgia in South Ossetia in 2008 to protect its citizens who lived there. However, it was the fear of US and Georgian cooperation posing a security threat to Russia. In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea for security and geopolitical reasons in order to strengthen itself and eliminate threats.

“The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia,” a book by Russian strategic thinker Aleksandr Dugin, was published in 1997 as a geopolitical map for Russia. The book is popular among Russian politicians, military personnel, and elites. The book would also “serve as a mighty ideological foundation for preparing a new military command,” according to them. The following are the strategies and geopolitics that Russia must employ in order to become the most powerful:

-Decrease Atlanticism’s influence in Eurasia while reestablishing its power through alliances and annexations.
-Reject liberal values and Atlanticism, as well as anti-US world dominance. This is an attempt to bring America’s unipolar world to an end.
-Russia must destabilize, spread disinformation, and exert pressure on other countries using its natural resources and gas.
-Germany should reassert its dominance in Central and Eastern Europe. -France and Germany should work together to end the anti-Atlanticist tradition. In Europe, these two countries should be more powerful.

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