Public poll says Joe Biden will win, Experts say Trump still win


In the upcoming election, both parties are struggling to earn the support from the public. The verbal wars are broken out very often among these parties, especially between the Trump and Biden while the Americans are watching them closely and paying very close attentions. Joe Biden was nominated as the presidential candidate of the Democrat and earns great support from the politicians and scholars. In the public poll showed that Joe Biden is going to take the presidential seat in the upcoming election, and Trump has to leave the white house for his hotel.

However, we are know yet who is exactly going to win. It is should be noted that in 2016, most of scholars and politicians thought that Hilary Clinton would win the election. However, Just few days and hours before the election everything was change dramatically. Many politicians and scholars were lost in the bid for money..haha lol. No one is sure 100% in the future before it has happened.

Again, the public polls and Multimedia has shown that Biden will win. But the experts and analysts think that Trump’s percentage of re-election is still very high. He will able to be a president for his second term. How about you? What do you think?

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