Pristine Log Cabin Retreat On Top Of The Rock And Enchanting

Welcome to Log Cabin Located in the vicinity of Black Mountain, North Carolina, in the United States of America, a breathtaking new log cabin that has been given the name The Hideaway at High Rock has just been constructed.


The Kitchen

An element that helps to the overall attractiveness of the property is the presence of a kitchen that is not only spacious but also warm and inviting.

The gorgeous stone front that is included in the corner of the kitchen island is something that we take pleasure in since it complements the rest of the log cabin as well as the fireplace that is located in the main room. This is one of the aspects of the kitchen island that we like.

The addition of a dining table results in the creation of a second sitting area that is situated in a space that is accessible from the kitchen and the living room. The presence of the dining table allows making use of this area available.


The combination of a tile floor that contrasts with stainless steel equipment and a wood backdrop that functions as the backsplash in the kitchen introduces both contemporary and rustic concepts into the log cabin.

The tile floor comes in front of the stainless steel equipment. The stainless steel equipment and the tile floor are both manufactured by the same reputable establishment.

It is the intricacies that contribute to the creation of a beautiful synthesis, and we like the method in which they include these subtleties in their work.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The master bedroom is one of the bedrooms that are located on the main level, and it offers a significant amount of space that can be used for unwinding and resting.


This area is big enough to accommodate a chest of drawers, a dresser, or a couple of chairs, all of which might be used to create a sitting or reading corner when arranged in this manner.

In addition to this, windows allow natural light to enter the space and provide views of both the inside and outside of the structure.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The one-of-a-kind shower with glass doors that is located within the master bathroom is going to be something that you are going to feel comfortable using.


You will be able to access it at your convenience. We appreciate how open and spacious it seems to be, yet at the same time, it can fit into the area without any issue at all.

As can be seen in the following photo, the other bathrooms in the house are great and pleasant, even though they are a little bit more conventional than the one in the picture.

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