President Putin: Russian Anti-Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective


The anti-Covid-19 vaccine that has been registered and recognized as well as vaccinated president’s daughter is now very effective and safe, according to president Putin. Russia is the first country that found the ant- Corona-virus vaccine to save the world. After announcing and registering of Russian vaccine, many nations support and order from the Russia. President of the Philippine Duterte reportedly preferred himself to be the first to test the Vaccine.

However, there are some suspects that the vaccine may not be very safe because of Russia has not yet shown its full data of researching. Some people said that it may be just the Russian protocol to win the west. Once again, President Putin confirmed and praised that the first vaccine that was found by Russian Scientists is really safe and effective. Not lest than 20 countries has order the vaccine from Russia since the was announced.

A Harvard University once said that ” the corona virus is a global pandemic. who finds the vaccine first, will be the hero to save the world”. It is a great historical achievement of Russia to find such a great result.

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