President Biden says many Asian-Americans are living in fear


Overseas: US President Joe Biden on Friday strongly condemned the violence against Native Americans, saying many of them were forced to worry about their safety amid hate crimes. As a result, Asian Americans have grown in communities across the United States.

According to the Korean Times, published on March 21, 2021, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris blamed the former US administration for harassing Asian Americans for the spread of the Covid-19. “They were attacked, reprimanded and persecuted,” the president told a news conference in Atlanta after his meeting with leaders of the Asian-American community there.

(Asian-American Protesters)

“They were beaten with words, physically abused and killed.” Documented cases of hate crimes against Asian Americans have risen sharply in the past year.

The remarks came after shootings at three spas in Atlanta and Cherokee County, Georgia, left eight people dead, including six Asian women. Four of the victims were identified as Korean women.

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