Precious Log Cabin And Picture-Perfect Landscape

Welcome to Log Cabin there is a bed that can be converted into a king-sized bed that is located inside the Alder studio unit, which is located within a duplex log cabin.


In addition, the living space has a gas fireplace in addition to a couch bed that can be converted into a bed by pulling it out from below.

The Living Area

Upon entering the log cabin, you will be welcomed by the stunningly magnificent flooring, accent beams, wood ceilings, and log walls that are all there. All of these elements are present.

A living area, a dining table corner, and a fully functional kitchen are all located on the main level, in addition to the fact that there is at least one bedroom available for occupancy.

There is also a sunroom that is located off the side of the house, which is an additional feature of the property. A basic and open floor layout dominates the main level of the building.

As an additional point of interest, the rustic design incorporates several wonderful components, such as the mounted animals and the many wood and antler ornaments and accessories. To name just a few instances, here are several.


Not only does the fireplace in this area contribute to the overall atmosphere, but it also serves the purpose of keeping the house warm throughout the months of the year that are designated as being colder.

This room is big enough to enable the creation of a comfortable sitting area, as well as the supply of some great couches and chairs that have exquisite cushioning. In addition, this room can accommodate the furniture.

The fact that there is no television in this room does not change the fact that it is an excellent choice for usage as a family room. It was created to accommodate a wide range of activities.

If your house is organized in a certain fashion, a family room, den, or living room could be an excellent selection for the portion of the area.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedrooms of the log cabin, in addition to having a large number of windows, have magnificent wood walls and ceilings that you would anticipate seeing in a house of this sort.


The log cabin also has a lot of windows. To add insult to injury, the room in issue has a private deck entry that is completely outfitted with sliding glass doors. This is an even more stunning feature.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The bathroom, on the other hand, is a stunning room that has a sink that is placed on the wall in one corner and a clawfoot bathtub in the other corner. The bathroom is where you will find both of these electrical fixtures.


The interiors are simple but rustic, and they have a touch of sophistication that gives you the impression that you have discovered a sanctuary that is apart from the rest of the world. This is achieved via the mix of these two components.

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