Philippines accuses China of sending more than 200 ships to set up military base in Philippine waters


On Sunday, The Philippines accused China of encroaching on Philippine sovereignty in the South China Sea. Philippine government agency monitoring the disputed area in the South China Sea claimed on Saturday that more than 200 Chinese naval vessels had been spotted stranded near reefs in the Philippine Economic Zone. In a statement on Sunday, Philippine defense minister demanded that China stop encroaching on and withdraw hundreds of its ships from Philippine waters.

More than 200 Chinese militant ships have anchored around the reefs China and the Philippines are vying for control of in the South China Sea. The Philippine Coast Guard has spotted the presence of Chinese naval vessels near the Whitsun Reef, about 320 km west of Palawan Island, since March 7, but Philippine government agency, in charge of monitoring the disputed area in The South China Sea, was just announced on Saturday. According to Philippine government agency, despite the clear weather, more than 200 Chinese vessels were not engaged in any fishing activities, raising suspicions of China’s covert intentions.

In a statement on Sunday, Philippine defense minister called on China to immediately stop any incursions into Philippine waters and withdraw any ships that violate Philippine waters. For Philippine defense minister, it is clear that China’s provocations are intended to establish its military base in the disputed territory with Philippines, which is actually within Philippine Economic Zone. According to Philippine Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana, Philippines will take appropriate action to protect Filipino fishermen, Philippine Navy and Philippines’ natural resources.

On Sunday, Philippine foreign minister wrote a Twitter message to confirm that Philippines has already sent an ambassador to China to protest the presence of hundreds of Chinese boats in the region. Philippine economy. But they have not yet seen any answer from the Chinese side. Beijing seem to deny the 2016 ruling of the International Court of Arbitration, which ruled in favor of Philippines in a territorial dispute with China in South China Sea.

Under President Duterte, Philippine has reduced its protests, except Philippine defense minister, who still dares to speak out against China’s aggression in Philippine waters. Withdrawal from US allies and for Chinese loan assistance, Duterte once said that quarreling with China would be useless and Philippines Will lose if quarreling with the Chinese power.

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