People Love This A Charming Log Cabin In The Heart Of Nature

Welcome to a log cabin near Sevierville, Tennessee, known as Bear Cub Hideaway, which allows guests to experience living in a log house in its most authentic form. The log cabin is situated in the state of Tennessee.


The Bear Cub Hideaway is the name of the most lovely log house, which also happens to be the most wonderfully crafted log cabin. The place is called “The Bear Cub Hideaway.”

The Living Area

The great room is a traditional layout that may be found on the main level of the log cabin, which has a structure that includes a great room.

There is also a stone fireplace that runs down one wall of this room, and there are windows and doors on all sides of this room. In addition, this room has many other features.

It is a perfect site for family movie evenings and meetings of people to watch television together since this room has a large television that is hidden in a corner. This makes it an ideal spot for gatherings of people to watch television together.


They have embellished this space with items that are simple yet very utilitarian, such as a coffee table that showcases a live edge that is one of a kind. We appreciate how they have carried out their action.

The bedroom and the bathroom are located behind the living area, and the other side of the hallway is where you will find the other side of the hallway that leads back to the dining room and the kitchen.

Both of these rooms are located on the other side of the hallway. Additionally, the stairs that go to the second level are located just outside of this room. This is not the only positive aspect of the location.

The Master Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The master bedroom, which is located on the main level of the log cabin, has a magnificent view of the terrace, a gorgeous master bathroom, and sufficient space for a wardrobe, chest of drawers, and even more sitting arrangements.


Additionally, the master bedroom even has enough space for additional seating arrangements.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

It is possible to locate a contemporary bathroom that is also aesthetically pleasing near the major bedroom. Because of the tile-lined and glass enclosure that surrounds this large shower, it gives the impression that it is much larger than it is.


This is because the shower is surrounded by glass. The walls made of rustic wood that is situated adjacent to this contemporary area have caught our attention.

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