Opinion: Biden says US would Defend Taiwan Against Chinese Invasion

  1. Opinion

There are four things to be thoroughly considered:

A. A. Biden is trying to assert U.S. supremacy in the Asia-Pacific while Chinese influence is growing.

B. Biden is increasing his popularity and support both domestically and internationally by showing his toughness against China.

C. US is worried that if China takes over Taiwan, US supremacy will be dramatically decreased. No ally will trust America if Taiwan will be unified.

D. The United States is aware of China’s desire to unite Taiwan. One way to stop China is to trigger China to go to war.

2. In the news

In a statement this week, President Joe Biden appeared to depart from the US government’s approach of “strategic ambiguity” on the island by asserting the United States would safeguard Taiwan if China attacked.

The president was questioned by a 60 Minutes correspondent about whether US forces would defend Taiwan during an interview that aired Sunday night. In response, Biden said, “Yes, if there was an unprecedented attack.

The president continued by affirming that his government is in best interest of the “One China” policy, which upholds Beijing’s rule while allowing for unofficial ties with Taiwan.

“Taiwan determines their level of independence on their own. We aren’t changing and we don’t support their independence. We are not responsible for that; it is their choice “Biden said on Sunday.

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