China: Who and What Made China so Powerful?


China can stand strongly and firmly in the international stages as the second largest economy in the world as it is today is because of the Communist party. Without the Communist Party, China would end up under the western interference and occupation. Remember! China was forced to accept the opium to corrupt its own people and homeland by the west. From then on, China had been weaker and weaker into the century of humiliation, the sick man of Asia.

Only Socialism with Chinese Characteristics that is the most suitable for China. For instance, the Republic of China (1912-1949) was the worst history of China. The People and nation were exploited by corrupted misters, unable ministers, rich peoples, and betrayed their homeland for the benefits that baited by foreign countries.

Today . China is one of the largest countries with its ​ 9,596,961 squares kilometers, the population of 14.11 billions, 22 provinces, and 56 minorities that speak different languages. Without the strong leadership of Communist Party, China will be divided and separated into the great unrest and felt down.

The Socialism with Chinese Characteristics has its pragmatical practices to serve the people and national interest according to its realities. From Chairman Mao to Deng, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and until President Xi Jinping China has its clear vision to be the prosperous and most powerful by 2049. China becomes stronger and stronger.

Democracy is the very good form of government , but it also will be harmful if it is forced to be accepted. Democracy is not only the ordinary principles that can provide the basic values of human right and freedom, but it also can kill the peoples.

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