Niccola Machiavelli’s main political ideas


Niccola Machiavelli was an Italian philosopher, strategist and diplomat. He was born in 1469 and died in 1527. His philosophy has extremely influenced politicians, statesmen, diplomats from the past to the present. The Prince is the best state advisor on leadership, strategy, management and serving the national interest. Here are his main ideas

“The responsibility of a leader is the destiny of the nation and the people, so no matter what method is used for the benefit of the nation and the people.” “People will judge leaders based on the results, not on methods.” There are two ways to suppress and maintain order: “use the law” and “use the force.”
The leader must be a lion to frighten the wolf and be a fox to escape the Trap. Leaders must be a beast to resist the bad guys and must be gentleman to show the right leadership.

He believed that Most people are selfish, ignorant and easily deceived. The Prudent leaders can benefit greatly from these negatives by three ways: 1. Threat: Threaten them so that they can work hard and cooperate well, 2. Recognizing values: ​​makes them virtuous and considerate of others. He believes that human nature is bad, but because of the need for recognition and value from society, they will act virtuous and humane.
3. Be an example: He believed that most people are ignorant, lazy, and like to imitate. Therefore, be an example for them to follow.

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