In the episode, we will see a BEAUTIFUL CABIN Has Every Cabin Need to be located outside of Quebec City, Canada.

The Exterior

This beautiful cabin is just down the road at their small bedroom tiny home that clocks in at about 450 square this is the backside of the cabin and the bright metal roof definitely catches your eye going now around the corner you can see some stairs, with a lot of light and neutral colours it’s a nice change from all the usual Modern and black Scandinavian cabins and I love the combination of both traditional wood framing and all of the metal coming onto the deck you have a small girl and then a table with two chairs On this end you can find your hot tub which is built straight into the deck.

This storage and mudroom area has this light pink colour to it which I’ve never really seen before but I definitely enjoyed you can open this up and you have a closet where you can store some jackets and there are some hangers.

The Bathroom of the Cabin

The one bathroom is this tiny house the same colour scheme continues but we especially love the goal finishing that we see on the faucet and the rim of the mirror As you can see there are plenty of towels provided along with all of your basic bathroom amenities and you also really enjoyed that diagonal looking fixture there this is then your shower you have these thin while tiles which look just gorgeous and your gold shower head.


The kitchen of the cabin

Into the kitchen next which is straight ahead as soon as you enter into this tiny home, the lights and neutral colours continue especially with the white appliances the gold faucet and all of the wood cabinets and shelves speaking of shelves if you look over her to the left there are a few items, this is actually a mini-cabin and you have one of those fancy microwaves there’s then an espresso machine a cooktop with a tea kettle and the right middle of the counter there’s a circular platter which has a free bottle of maple syrup.


The living room

This little living room and bed area I especially love the back wall right behind your bed with those two lighting fixtures and the bright green plants and you may nice dash of color to any interior space and then you also have a big TV that is hanging down from the ceiling It’s a smart TV and if you think it’s obstructing your view at all you can hit a button and it will go up like this let’s move in further and you can find a large couch here at the bottom of the bed.


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