In the episode, we will see MID-CENTURY MODERN A-FRAME CABIN! Tiny Luxury A-Frame Cabin located in New York City.

The Exterior of the cabin

This A-frame cabin is located Front Exterior of a private gated lakefront community. Obviously better in the warmer months, but a really beautiful-looking lake, which is just a two-minute drive from the cabin. But let’s now go on final approach to your beautiful mid-century modern A-frame cabin.


The Backyard

The backyard deck. It’s quite large, obviously better for the warmer months, but you do have a little barbecue grill, a fire pit, a large bench that wraps around the entirety of the deck, and some plants and other stuff there on the side.

The Living room

The living room inside of your A-frame cabin. I especially enjoy the interior design and all the furnishings, from those two chairs to the coffee table to the couch.

There in that back corner, you’ll see the TV and this roaring fireplace, and over to the right is an additional chair and a record player. and you have this really slick and modern-looking coffee table and this super comfy couch. And of course, above the fireplace, you have a smart TV.

The kitchen

This is your kitchen. There’s a very large L-shaped countertop, so you have plenty of space to prep and cook your food. But now in terms of the kitchen setup, you have your oven and stove top over there on the left, a few things there in the middle, and this really large double sink over here on the right.

The Dining table

The dining table and kitchen, but this is your dining table. There are six chairs around it, so you can enjoy your dinner with your family, and then you also got There’s a window right over the dining table which allows a ton of natural light to stream in. Now, as you pan to the left.

The First bathroom

This is your first bathroom so you have a lot more house to cover, but it was really clean and well-appointed. I love the subway tile in the shower and the bathroom is very nice and have everything you need to shower.

The First Bedroom

This is bedroom number one of three, and there is an entire second floor we have yet to cover. So there’s still a lot more to see, but in this particular bedroom, there is a queen-size mattress. You have those two windows over there on the right, which lets in some great natural light.

The Master Bedroom

This is now the master bedroom. It’s quite large, about two to three times the size of that first bedroom. Those doors back there,

It’s a sliding door that leads to the backyard deck, and that other door is the laundry room. But plenty of space here. The door on the left is the bedroom we just came from. There are windows all around, so there’s light streaming in from everywhere. And the bed is also quite large.

The Second bedroom of the cabin

This is bedroom number three of three. Kind of a similar layout to that bedroom on the first floor. You have the sun streaming in right here. Also some really cool-looking lamps on either side of those little tables.

The Office space of the cabin

The office, or the study area I would call it. There is a nice chair similar to those chairs in the living room as soon as you walk in on the left, then there’s a desk as well. It’s surrounded by plants in every corner. I felt like I was in a jungle at times. It was a super cool feeling.


The Master Bathroom of the cabin

The Master Bathroom It has this absolutely gigantic bathtub and this beautiful A-frame style window, but I just couldn’t get over this place. To me, this entire space feels like it should be on the front cover of every interior design magazine out there.


The owner is definitely a lover of plants. There’s plants all over the place there in that right-hand corner, and this other corner, you have your toilet, and your sink, and a circular mirror. In the last corner, you have a little chair, some bathrobes, and another plant. But this was definitely my favorite room by far in this corner.


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