Mao’son Mao Anying and China influence over North Korea


Mao Anying was born in 1922 and died in 1950 in Korean war. Anying was educated in Moscow. In 1950 North Korean invaded the South Korean to unify the Korean peninsular. North Korean was supported by Soviet. South Korean Supported by US and UN. When the war broke out, Soviet didn’t come to fight and help North Korea, but China did. In the wars that last for more than 3 years, 4 millions lives were claimed, include the son of Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong, Mao Anying. The body of Mao Anying was not taken back to his motherland. This is a big question “WHY?”.

There are many interpretation on this fact. All people will agree with the fact, but they will disagree over the interpretations. A fact, hundreds interpretations. But the truth is/are only one or two. For my Idea, Mao Zedong might thought that taking the body back was nothing important. Only one thing that has to do with the body was crying. But body still has to be buried. But if the body was buried in North Korea, It would play very important role and has much more influence. “Keep the body and show the gratefulness that China has over Korea. The Body will help maintain China influence and North Korea all generations will know the gratefulness to China”.

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