Life Story: An apple on your head


An old man was reading a book under the shade of a tree in the garden in front of his house next to his library. Suddenly a woman came and asked him, “Why does my life only meet  those who hate me, despise me, look down on me, the jealous of me, no matter what I do, I will never be as successful as others ??? ” The old man replied, “Please take this book and walk around for three rounds without letting it fall to the ground, I will tell you!”

She put the book on her head and walked three times as he told her, and then he added another apple to the book. This time she had to walk back and forth five times. Later, the old man explained, “Life is like walking around and picking an apple! If you don’t want it to fall down, you have to focus, be on your own way, keep your mind calm, and keep your steps. Equally, traveling slowly through the noise, anger, hatred or any evil from the environment around you, it cannot come to ruin your life.

This story teaches us that, “Be own your own self, your own way, be hopeful and patient. Just focus on your goal. Don’t let those who not support you, those who discourage you let you down”. 

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