Lee Kuan Yew: China wants to be #1 in Asia and then in the world


Historically, China has been a superpower with a wide range of influence, considering itself as a center of civilized world. How can historical factors shape Chinese ideas and attitudes today? Michael D. Swaine sees three main attitudes, a. National pride along with strong fear of unrest, b. Love peace along with strengthening the defense and strengthening of the central government, and third. Use its cultural values ​​and uniqueness to expand its influence, along with the theory of international relations “common interests” and mutual understanding. So China really wants to be a superpower and be respected. When Granham Alison asked Lee Kuan Yew, “Do the Chinese leaders seriously want to be a superpower and replace the U.S ?”

“Of course,” Lee Kuan Yew replied. Why not? China has moved from being the poorest country to the developing country rapidly and becoming the world’s second largest economy. China has an ancient culture of 5000 years , a largest population, capable, talented and ambitious people. Every Chinese wants their nation to be rich, a advanced culture, prosperity with the technological capacity equal to the West or better than the West. This is a overpowering force. China never wants to be the honorable member of the west. China want to be respected and accepted as China.

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