Kirkness Sanctuary House’s Ultimate Eco-Friendly Getaway

In a world increasingly aware of environmental impacts, finding a balance between luxury and sustainability is more important than ever. This brings me to my recent discovery – Kirkness Sanctuary House, a beacon of eco-friendly living nestled in nature’s embrace.

Let me take you on a journey through this Passivhaus-renovated home, where every nook resonates with care for the environment without compromising on comfort.

Kirkness Sanctuary House

The Passivhaus Renovation

Kirkness Sanctuary House stands as a testament to sustainable renovation. The heart of its eco-friendly approach lies in its adherence to Passivhaus principles.

The house has been meticulously revamped with double-glazed windows, some handcrafted, ensuring minimal heat loss. The walls are super insulated, and the house is perfectly air-sealed, maintaining a cozy warmth in winters with a simple wood fire.

Kirkness Sanctuary House

During summers, the design smartly utilizes cross-ventilation, complemented by a split cooling system, though I hardly found the need for it during my stay.

The Full Kitchen

As a self-proclaimed food enthusiast, the contemporary kitchen was my sanctuary. Equipped with an induction cooktop, large fridge/freezer, and a wall oven, it’s a modern-day chef’s dream.

Kirkness Sanctuary House

I particularly enjoyed the Nespresso machine, starting each day with a rich, aromatic coffee. The use of eco-friendly appliances not only supports sustainable living but also adds a touch of modern sophistication.

Kirkness Sanctuary House

The Immersive Bathroom

The bathroom in Kirkness Sanctuary House is a chapter of luxury in itself. The claw-foot bath, with its panoramic view through the trees, offers a serene escape.

Kirkness Sanctuary House

The walk-in shower, complemented by Warbotanicals body wash, is an experience of pure indulgence. And let’s not overlook the practicality of having a Miele washing machine at hand, blending convenience with eco

The Bedrooms

The house boasts four beautifully appointed bedrooms, each offering its unique charm. The soft linen and pillows in the queen, two double rooms, and a bunk room ensured a peaceful night’s sleep.

Kirkness Sanctuary House

Interestingly, the booking system is quite thoughtful. A two-person booking grants access to one bedroom, but additional rooms can be requested for a nominal fee, a smart way to manage resources and space.

Kirkness Sanctuary House

During my stay, the tranquility of the bedrooms was remarkable. The thoughtful design, ensuring quiet and comfort, made each night restorative, something often missing in our bustling lives.

Kirkness Sanctuary House

Outdoor Living – Deck

Stepping onto the 100m2 decking, I was greeted with breathtaking views that change with the seasons. The expansive lawn, complete with swings and a trampoline, is perfect for families or those seeking a playful retreat.

Kirkness Sanctuary House

The deck, ideal for BBQs with its Weber Kettle BBQ, became my favorite spot to unwind and soak in the surroundings.

The two-tiered garden is a horticultural delight, brimming with flowers in the summer. While the lower tier is often tended by the owners, your privacy on the upper level is always respected. This balance of interaction and seclusion is something that truly sets Kirkness Sanctuary House apart.

Kirkness Sanctuary House

Privacy and Interaction

One aspect I cherished about the Kirkness Sanctuary House is the perfect balance between privacy and the opportunity to interact. While you have complete seclusion in the house and the upper garden, a friendly chat with the gardeners (who might be found tending the lower tier) can be delightful. It’s this personal touch that adds warmth to the stay.

Kirkness Sanctuary House


My time at Kirkness Sanctuary House was more than just a stay, it was an immersive experience into what conscious living can look like. It’s a place where luxury and sustainability don’t just coexist; they flourish together. For those looking to escape into nature without leaving a footprint, this sanctuary is a must-visit.

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