Joe Biden officially nominated as president of Democrat


The upcoming election in November will be the great decision of the Americans to chose to see what the new or the same American policy and what will shape the world. U.S under Barack Obama administration focused on fighting against terrorism and promoting human right and democracy as well as prioritized U.S foreign policy toward Asia. In his second term, Chinese-US trade tension began. For Trump administration in his first term, Trump has focused on great power competitions. Trump regards China as the number one enemy of America. U.S-China tensions was escalated from Trade War to Technological blockade. Trump commenced previous presidents for didn’t take tough position enough against China and other countries. In the upcoming election, Trump will face Joe Biden, the president of Democrat party.

Joe Biden earns great support from scholars and politicians. Former president Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton declared their support for Biden openly. Biden nominated Kamala Harris as his vice president which will be a historical movement for U.S if they will win the election. The world will see the new ideas of U.S. However, China still has to face the new president because the Sino-U.S completion will be continued for long period for national interests and power. In his speech, Biden mentioned only his great honor to serve American Interests and Proud to be democrat. Trump and Biden both are old, 74 and 77.

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