Joe Biden Age of Diplomacy With Middle East


In the News

President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he is going to trip Saudi Arabia next month for meetings with the nation’s leaders. Biden is softening his stance on Saudi Arabia’s human rights record with the visit, which comes at the end of a Middle East trip that includes stops in Israel and the West Bank from July 13 to 16. He wants to re-establish the connection at a time when the US could use assistance from the oil-rich kingdom to help ease increasing gas prices at home and throughout the world.

Biden’s first stop on his Middle East tour will be in Israel, where he will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. In the West Bank, he will meet with Palestinian Authority leaders, including Mahmoud Abbas. The visit to Jeddah will bring Biden’s trip to a close.

An Analysis

Why Biden tries to improve relationship with these countries in the Middle East?

  1. Every American leader have tried their best to improve relationship with their few allies and help strengthening them.
  2. Biden as well as previous leaders want to strengthen their allies in order to fight against its enemies in the Middle East.
  3. Biden wants to reassure about the oil price and supplying.
  4. They want to gather the allies to show their strength and against the Russia.

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