Japanese prime Minister Shinzo Abe will resign due health crisis


Abe is now 65 years old from the liberal democratic party is going to announce his resignation due to his serious crisis condition of ulcerative colitis. Abe is a very nationalist and has served Japan for long times. Japan is now in the very hard conditions of economic down turn due to corona, natural disaster, geo-political challenges, and now in the time of power transition.

Abe is a very long terms serving in the recent history of Japan. He was a chief of the cabinet of ministry, then prime minister in 2006 and 2007, again in 2012. He told the news that ” he will step down if he is not able to make the good decisions for people and nation”. His words reflect that “Japan has work very hard. And Japan has many serious challenges”.

Japan was a second largest economy in the world before 2010, then overtook by China as the second world largest economy. In the time of corona, Japanese economy has declined dramatically. At the same time, Japan is facing the natural disaster of the rainy season. In addition to these factors, Japan is threat by North Korean Nuclear Program, and China’s military and Economic expansion.

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