Japan has four concerns and threats strategically


In general, Japan has three major concerns: 1. Natural disasters, 2. Chinese influence, and 3. the worsening decline of its economic power after the end of the Corona, as well as concerns about the United States’ stance on China. In particular, Japan is deeply concerned about strategy and security:

  1. Russia attempting to expand its military and geopolitics. Japan has an unresolved territorial dispute in the Kuril Islands with Russia, the most important fishing area for Japan. Russia was a major enemy in history.
  2.  North Korea’s nuclear program. North Korea’s capabilities are growing and North Korea is constantly testing its weapons by firing over the Japanese heads.

3. China’s strong economic and military growth, especially through China’s efforts to control the South China Sea and East China Sea. Chinese ships and fighter jets and reconnaissance aircraft often approach Japanese islands.

4. Japan feels that when the Taiwan will be unified, China will be far stronger while Japan is declining. Chinese influence will threat for Japanese security both in the seas (South China Sea where the most important shipping for Japan) and East China Sea where the two countries is having dispute over the islands).  

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