Israel-U.A.E Normalization: What does its mean for US?


The great historical decision to normalize the relation between the Israel and United Arab Emirate will have the great significant change in the Middle East. Trump’s administration plays very important role in shaping the normalization. They all (US, Israel, and U.A.E) will gain the very very positive result and huge benefit from this historical deal. This is a struggling to strengthening and gaining superior power in Middle East by US and Israel. In order to keep the peace that can’t be asked for, you have to be powerful, Strategically, Geo-politically, and Economically, and militarily. Trump would tell them that “Be together for our Interests”. Israel and US can maintain stability and security, have superior power, and keep the region in check. in contrary, Iran (the big brother in the region) that is weakened sharply owing to the US sanctions and military presence, will continue to be weaker and weaker.

For US, first of all it can build the domination power over the region to safeguard its national interest and security. Since Jimmy Carter administration, US has considered Middle East as it ” core interest”. US has tried to replace the major power in the region.

Second of all, US can maintain security and access to resources. US has tried to weakened the major countries in the region by going to wars, supporting allies, fighting against the terrorism, and sanctions.

Third of all, US can maintain its allies’ security and make sure that the allies will be strong enough to cooperate.

Fourth of all, the very crucial ones, US can expand its Geo-political interest and strengthening its roles in the region what will have huge negative impact for China and Russia. ( Read my next articles for what does Irasel-U.A.E normalization mean for China, Iran, Palestine, and Russia)

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