Israel replies to Gaza rockets with warplanes, sparking clashes in Jerusalem


As the worst tensions in months simmered, Palestinians and Israeli paramilitary forces battled early Thursday outside the gateway to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City, while Israel replied to rocket attacks from Gaza with airstrikes.

Hundreds of Israeli police officers were seen on the courtyard outside the mosque shortly after sunrise on Thursday, as Palestinians fired rockets at them from within the mosque. Police shock grenades were seen being fired in other cameras.

The recent firing of rockets from within mosque, one of which triggered a minor flame in a carpet, was regarded by police as an act of sacrilege. Allegations that the Al-Aqsa mosque is being desecrated are frequently leveled by both parties, with Palestinians and others alleging that Israeli security forces damage the structure when they enter it.

Following that, Israeli jets struck Hamas targets in Gaza, according to the military. According to the report, one of the strikes targeted the entrance of an underground facility that makes launch systems. There have been no reports of casualties in Gaza.

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