Israel fires missiles at Syrian capital DAMASCUS


Chinese news agency (Xinhua) released on March 1- Israel fired rockets into the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Sunday night, state television reported. According to a military source, Israel has launched an offensive fired from Israeli-occupied territory Golan Heights. Reports said the Syrian air force responded to the attack by firing several missiles. Residents in the capital saw air defense planes fired as they tracked Israeli targets in the air and there were loud explosions. The attack came on Sunday, the second day after the United States had destroyed several targets of Iranian-backed militants in eastern Syria, killing 22 people.

Why did Israel attack? There are three purposes; a. To draw the U.S to engage seriously in the region and commit to protecting Israel security. b. to warn the Iran and Syria for preparing the strengthen the power against Israel, and c. to show the Israel power to deter its enemies and allies.

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