Is Taiwan a country or a Chinese province?


For China, Taiwan is a Chinese island province. Historically , now or in Future, Taiwan is a part of China. No one can separate Taiwan from China. For Taiwan, Most of Taiwanese, Taiwan is Taiwan, not belong to China. It is a country. Taiwan has enough conditions to be a sovereign nation. Taiwan has military, government and people. For international, Taiwan is not a country. There is no seat at the U.N for Taiwan.U.S also recognizes “One China Principle”. Most of the world leaders do not recognize Taiwan as a country.

There are two historical reasons that can proof that Taiwan is China. First of all, the people who first settled in Taiwan were from the southern of Chinese provinces (Fujian and Guangdong). They had fled the wars and turmoil. Second of all, in 1949 , the leader of nationalist Chiang Kai-shek that used to ruled China, fled to the island due to defeated by Communist leader , Mao Zedong. They both were Chinese leaders. They both fought for China in second world war. After the civil war, Chiang Kai-shek who lost the war fled to the island.

China strongly upholds “one China” and strongly opposes to anyone that try to separate Taiwan from China. China will use any mean possible to unify, as Deng Xiaoping said ” the Strong leader must always keep his last choice”. Taiwan, under the leadership of Tsai-Ing Wen, struggles to strengthening its military and seeks for recognition internationally. Most of the scholars believe that Taiwan will be unified to China, but the matter is what means will be used? by war or peaceful mean? Most believe that “the percentage of war is very low”. How about you? Do you think ” Taiwan is China?” Will China invade Taiwan to unify?

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