Is it good for Taiwan to buy jet fighters for $62B from US?


“In a world where the big fishes always eat small fishes and the small fishes always eat smaller fishes one after another, so if you are the smallest fish, you have to have poisons and swordfishes to protect yourself.” For Example , the Israel and Singapore. Taiwan that is seeking for independence may think in this way. Taiwan wants independence. However, Taiwan and China both are Chinese. In 1949, the nationalist who was defeated by Communist fled to Taiwan, a Chinese province. Nationalist and communist are both Chinese. what the difference is the system of governing.

Pentagon announced on Friday the $ 62 billions contract between Taiwan and US aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin in 10 years. This is the very big amount ever contracted between the US and Taiwan. What does it means for Taiwan? A. Tsai Ing Wen is trying to promote the nationalism against Mainland China. B. She wants to show her tough and firm stand for independence, C. She wants to move closer and closer to the US for backing in the mission for independence. E. The most important one, she may think that showing the gun at China will ensure the Independence, and China will not be able to invade for unifying.

Tsai Ing Wen may try to learn from Israel and even North Korean who think that weapon can maintain national survival. But the Taiwan is different from these countries. The mainland China is also very capable. Taiwan is the core issue for China. China will never become a great power if it can’t unify Taiwan. Therefore, China is already to pay any price and bear any burden to unify Taiwan. Taiwan military strengthening would be more dangerous for Taiwan.

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