Introduction to three kingdoms


The Romance of Three Kindoms of the World is a combined tittle divided into two parts: the Romance of Three Kingdoms and the world. The Romance of three Kingdoms derived from the most famous Chinese political and historical movie elegantly written base on era in which China was divided into three kingdoms. The Romance of Three Kingdoms is magnificent of the arts of leadership and management, rich-philosophies, strategical nimbleness, eloquences, and deceptions. And the last word “the world” which is the planet we live in and divided into different regions, continents, and countries.

The world is so interactive and interdependent. The world here is crucially referred to the rivalries, struggling, treacheries, and strategic competitions among the great powers to gain their dominations, interests, and powers. To completely understood, the Romance of Three Kingdoms of the world is the comparation and the reflection on the ways, principles, and strategies of the great powers by using the critical ideas and events presented in the Romance of Three Kingdoms.

The politics is an absolutely required tasks and duties of the people to be kept in tuned since it impacts and involves directly on our lives, living standards, and situations. We hear the political interpretations and analyses whether by experts or by the simple minded almost everyday. Meanwhile, we frequently hear the political interpreting by comparing the Romance of Three Kingdoms’ strategies.

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