India-China Relations: India warned China? What really means?


Last month, the Chinese and Indian soldiers had a fight in Ladakh that claimed 20 lives of India, while Chinese soldiers was killed more than twice times of Indian. China and India have some important challenges that will lead both countries to compete such as borders issues, struggling for influences, nationalism, and the antagonism. Both countries are the rising powers, the oldest civilizations, the most populous, and the big brothers of Asia. But I am not going to detail on these points. I am going to analyse the prime Minister Modi’s remark on the 74th anniversary of independence day. Modi mentioned to main points , warning China and Pakistan, and promise to strengthen its military might. What does it really?

  1. Narendra Modi is trying to promote nationalism. Both leaders, Xi Jinping and Modi are very nationalism. They are awakened and ambitious to develop their nations. Both leaders are very transformative, but Xi seem more successful because he has enough power to do.
  2. In last over 30 years, India and China’s influence and might was almost equal. China was not far stronger than India as it is today. After series of very successive reforms, China has grown very fast and left India behind very far. India was just awakened in 1990s. However, there are many challenges for India, poverty, lower education, strong division because of caste system, women are not treated equally, central government has not enough power, and lack of agricultural structures, as well as the mindsets of the people are overwhelmed by religions and tradition.
  1. Modi warned China maybe not really means as it did. First of all, India feels threat by Chinese military might since both countries are competing for what I mentioned above. Second of all, India is worried of Chinese string of pearls or Sea lines connection that encircling India in Indian oceans. Third of all, India feels very worried of Sino-Pakistan and Chinese influence in South Asia.
  2. If India is strong enough to counter-China, If it is strong enough to warn China, then why India is seeking for U.S, Australian, and Japan to counter-China? The word ” Warn” that India said to China maybe mean that ” I feel worried about your might” but” I will try to build my nation, promote the nationalism”. At least, my warning will give me the power that some small nations can see that “I am stronger”,but my commitment is ” make my country stronger’.
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