In Cold War, China Fought and Won Both Soviet and US Directly and Indirectly


History shows that who were the most resilient and who’s who. The present shows that who is going to lead. Therefore, history is not only made in the past but also every day progress. Heroes also not only those who died in the past, but also those who struggling to help others in the present.

In 1950 -1953, China was so weak because it had just ended the war with Japan then the civil war. However, China was brave enough to go to war with the superpower whom possessed so much nuclear in the Korean War.

Moa’s Moa Anying was killed in the war, thousand Chinese men were killed in the war. China would never retreat nor surrender the enemy. At the end, China defeated the US and forced US to negotiate like in once defeated Japan in long history of defending its supremacy in the region. So, China fought the US directly to tell them that China would never just stand and see with patience with those who harm Chinese interest.

Later on, China went to war and defeated US in Vietnam indirectly. China and Soviet supplied Vietcong with military equipment, facilitation, and cooperation in the term of strategy. Vietnamese soldiers were also allowed to base in Cambodia and Lao to fight US. Then, as you have know, what happened.

In 1969, China once again went to war with such a so powerful communist Soviet alongside the border. China fight back fiercely. China sent clear message that if Soviet would go to war again in the future it would bear such a pain. Then, China and US become the strategic partnership to counter Soviet. Once again, in 1979 Deng told Jimmy Carter that he would teach Vietnam a bitter lesson and spoiled Soviet’s plan. China then fought to forced Vietnam to withdraw its military from Cambodia. Soviet also was bogged down by guerilla war in Afghanistan in which China fought indirectly.

Since then, over decades China has never gone to war with any country. Instead , China has tried to bow its head down and bide the time to develop itself. Now China is the second largest economy in the world in the term of economy. In term of military power, spirituality and weaponry are undefeatable. So, would China be brave enough to go to war with US to unify Taiwan?

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