If America Is Still America, It Must Increase Support for Ukraine


WWNC – The Russian dictator came the closest to acknowledging he is losing his unjust, cruel, and immoral war on Ukraine on September 21 when he announced the mobilization of 300,000 reserve troops. His invasion last February, which he referred to as a “special military operation,” was a complete failure.

Even the Russian defense ministry acknowledged that more than 6,000 Russian soldiers have already lost their lives. That figure is more accurately placed at around 55,000 by Ukraine, which is probably the case.

The Russian people is force-fed a diet of lies by the regime. People risk their rights, way of life, and even lives when they protest or even just speak the obvious. But Russians can’t continue to believe the Kremlin’s lies indefinitely.

This is why Russian men of fighting age are desperately seeking to flee, with lines of them extending for miles at the country’s borders. Since Putin’s recruitment announcement, about 260,000 of these men, according to Russian intelligence, have departed the country; however, the actual number is likely much higher and continuing to rise.

Why would these soldiers choose to stay and maybe be thrown into the horrors of war, where they would turn into corpses, war criminals, or both, just to serve Putin and the crooks around him?

The ordinary Russian has no more desire for war with Ukraine than the average American has with Canada. But unlike Americans, Russians do not have full citizenship or freedom. They have courts that do not defend them or uphold the law, but just look out for the interests of the criminals who control the government.

They have a non-representative parliament where any opposition is fabricated and any sincere critics of the government are barred from running. They lack the means to defend such fundamental rights and freedoms and combat this terrible reality.

It was Putin’s forces, not “the Russians,” that invaded Ukraine; they weren’t a “army,” but rather a gang of thugs. Because of this, Ukrainian forces have frequently humiliated this rabble in spite of their size and weaponry. But make no mistake: using force to stop Putin’s invading horde is the only option.

The army and populace of Ukraine are highly motivated and fighting for their lives. But they lack the cutting-edge weapons needed to continue the battle. This has caused many deaths and is still causing many deaths. However, when the United States and other Western powers do provide cutting-edge weapons and the training to deploy them, the Ukrainian forces have made them count and driven the invaders away.

The West needs to amp up its opposition to Putin right now rather than softening its stance. Putin won’t give up unless he is made to. Some analysts suggest giving Trump a “escape ramp”—a means of letting him win the battle and declare victory.

They at best show a lack of comprehension of Putin. At worst, they suggest a readiness to placate a fascist leader in exchange for less expensive gas. Unless you are ready to embrace a future where a dictatorship can roll tanks into a democratic neighbor to subjugate and occupy it, Putin has no war objectives that allow for compromise.

The American way is not to be placated. It would betray the Ukrainians who are struggling for their independence, the Russians being kept prisoner by a corrupt tyrant, and America’s noblest ideals. While maintaining support for Ukraine may be expensive, the alternative would be much more costly.

Currently, Ukraine requires additional armaments. No nation on earth is better suited to offer them than the U.S., and American leadership is more important than ever. Although the current $625 million security aid package is a significant first step, such help will need to continue until the task is completed.

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