How Powerful Is China Now?


Probably you all have heard a story of a Chinese man who felt China is too poor to live and to do business. He had heard many wonderful things from the west. He decided to sell his house, land and small office to get some money and buy tickets to go to live in U.S. In U.S he tried to work very hard, tried to save, and work wisely as being a Chinese. For 20+ years, I saved over 1 million dollar. This is a huge amount that he think most Chinese can’t get such big amount. Then he turned back to China to buy house and office or investment. For 20 years, he was unbelievable to see how wonderful has China been changing. “So miracle! So miracle! So Miracle!”.

The price of his land that he had sold around 2k USD now is 1.5 million. His small office is about 3-4k USD per month to rent. Just this story, you can see that how powerful China economy is and how rapidly has China transformed herself. China was the poorest country after the civil war. Now China is the second largest economy in the world. In 2020, China has eradicated the extreme poverty. After the war, a whole Chinese family ate only an egg for food per time. Now, a Chinese can eat one pig.

Historically, China was the naval superpower that dominate the rest of the world. China had destroyed its naval power before the west arrived. When China became weak in naval power, the West and Japan invaded. Now, China is turning back to its previous position as the naval superpower.

As of 2019, China has 335 ships while US has 296, Britain Royal Navy has 75 and Australia consists of only 45 ships. By 2030, China is going to have 4 aircraft carriers and the number of the ships will be expanded and go to the far seas and oceans. China is the second largest military spending. China has modernized almost every things. You see how powerful Chinese military is going to be.

Technologically, China has long time of innovation. Now China can step on the moon, can produce the high-speed train, modernize both civil and combat airs, upgrade the aerospace, and leading the world in 5G network. Previously, the low quality and Cheap products are being considered as Chinese products. Now, it is dependence on how much money do you have to buy Chinese products and qualities.

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