Gorgeous Log Cabin With Stone Accents And Magical

Welcome to Log Cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, there is a wonderful log cabin rental that goes by the name of Holden On. You may find it there. Finding out what is going on inside the cottage is a priority.


This log cabin, which has stone accents, components that are evocative of lodges, a spacious yard, and sufficient room for you to wind down and unwind, is going to be a wonderful place for you to spend your time.

The Living Area

The great room is a traditional layout that may be found on the main level of the log cabin, which has a structure that includes a great room.

There is also a stone fireplace that runs down one wall of this room, and there are windows and doors on all sides of this room. In addition, this room has many other features.

It is a perfect site for family movie evenings and meetings of people to watch television together since this room has a large television that is hidden in a corner. This makes it an ideal spot for gatherings of people to watch television together.


They have embellished this space with items that are simple yet very utilitarian, such as a coffee table that showcases a live edge that is one of a kind. We appreciate how they have carried out their action.

The bedroom and the bathroom are located behind the living area, and the other side of the hallway is where you will find the other side of the hallway that leads back to the dining room and the kitchen.

Both of these rooms are located on the other side of the hallway. Additionally, the stairs that go to the second level are located just outside of this room. This is not the only positive aspect of the location.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The master bedroom is not only beautiful and spacious, but it also has a private gas fireplace that is discretely concealed away in one of the room’s corners without drawing attention to itself.


To achieve a contemporary appearance, they have installed a green wall behind the bed in addition to the wood ceiling, floor, and walls. It was necessary to do this to get the impression that was sought.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

To possess a master bedroom that does not come with a gorgeous bathroom that is linked to it is an impossibility that stretches well beyond the range of possibilities.


Without a certain, this log cabin is unrivaled in terms of both its appeal and its level of warmth. It is the completed bathroom that you have been longing for and that you have been in dire need of.

The fact that this bathroom contains both a corner shower and a jacuzzi bathtub makes it the perfect bathroom for you.

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