Gorgeous Log Cabin Making It Ideal For Families

Welcome to Log Cabin will get the chance to have a peek inside the Sequoia, which is just one of the many log cabins that are now available for purchase at Michigan Log & Timber. We will provide you with this opportunity.


This log cabin is an ideal place to unwind in the great outdoors thanks to its covered porch on the front of the house and its covered patio on the side of the house. These two facets of the home are handled satisfactorily.

The Living Area

This incredible room that has been transformed into a room is without a doubt the most magnificent addition that can be made to a log cabin.

There is a wall of windows, cathedral ceilings, and of course this enormous and amazing fireplace, all of which come together to produce the most stunning and relaxing settings in the whole world. Among the many notable characteristics of this space are the cathedral ceilings.

To give the room a touch of rustic log, they have placed a log mantle on the fireplace, which is something that we truly like about the area.


In essence, it aids in bringing all of the components together, which finally results in a house that is not only visually attractive but also useful.

The open loft walkway that is located immediately above the entrance door on the second story is something that our family and our enjoy enjoying. We have a deep appreciation for this particular fact.

Even though the bedrooms and bathroom are located on the rear half of the second level when seen from this perspective, there is still a tiny window that allows a view of the main floor when viewed from this vantage point.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

This home’s master bedroom is routinely listed as one of the rooms in the whole house that commands the highest level of interest from individuals.


French doors that go out to the porch are situated on the other side of the log cabin from the windows that are situated on one side of the structure. These French doors lead out to the porch.

From the windows that are located on one side of the building, one may get a glimpse of the porch. One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time at this place is to have a nightcap and relax with a friend or a member of the family before retiring for the night.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The addition of the master bathroom to this house is, without a doubt, the other highlight of this property. There is no doubt about that.


From the convenience of one’s own log cabin, it is feasible to create a spa-like ambiance by constructing a glass shower that is situated opposite of a huge soaking tub. This would allow for the creation of a spa-like atmosphere.

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