Gorgeous Log Cabin Is Decked Out With Texas Charm

Welcome to this vacation log cabin situated in New Braunfels, Texas, in the United States of America, it can host a maximum of nine people comfortably. There are three bedrooms, a total of six beds as well as two bathrooms.


The log cabin is extremely alluring for several different causes, and there is a great deal of them involved. The Corner Star Log Cabin can be found in a picturesque tiny town known as Satter.

The Living Area

This home’s living room is one of the components that make up the vast open area that can be seen on the main level of the house.

This property has a wall of windows, which is a characteristic that is typical of large rooms, and it is located on the wall that is positioned behind the house. This wall is a feature that is typical of large rooms.

The walls of the top portion of the room are adorned with trapezoid windows, which line the upper portion of the area.


Not only do these windows let in a great deal of natural light, but they also provide a stunning view of the lake and the land that is located behind the house to the outside world at the same time.

The proprietors have designed a comfortable seating area adjacent to the fireplace, complete with couches and chairs, to make certain that the visitors have the most enjoyable experience that is humanly possible.

Even though there is room on both sides for more furniture to be installed, this layout is perfect for watching movies or just unwinding by a fire on a freezing winter day. It is suitable for both of these activities.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

It is possible to find an additional sitting place within the kitchen, and this room may be used either as a plain breakfast nook or as additional seating for guests.

The outside of this bar island is covered in a stone veneer, which adds a little more of that rustic charm that you find appealing.

Granite is employed in the construction of the countertop, which is the same material that is used in the kitchen as well as in other rooms around the house.


Additionally, we find it fascinating that this proprietor has included both open log cabinets with glass panes and closed log cabinets for storage in the area.

Both types of log cabinets are featured in the room. This is something that we consider to be one of the most remarkable things.

There is a substantial amount of counter space and storage space within the kitchen area, in addition to the modern black appliances that are situated inside the kitchen area.

In addition to providing a sizeable amount of additional space for walking about, the area in question is furnished with a dishwasher, a huge refrigerator, and a flat-top electric burner. Additional amenities include a large refrigerator.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

It is feasible to accommodate one of the bedrooms that are situated on the upper level by making use of the space that is made accessible by the dormer window.

Even though it is spacious enough to be regarded as a lovely bedroom, it is still on the smaller side in comparison to other bedrooms. Your breath will be taken away by the breathtaking views that can be viewed via the window.


There is a bedroom on the top floor that is furnished with windows that provide a direct view of the lake that is situated at the back of the property.

Because it is situated at the rear of the house, behind the kitchen and the living spaces, it is quite probable that this is a bedroom. This is because the kitchen and the living areas are nearby.

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