Gorgeous Log Cabin Is An Indoor & Outdoor Paradise

Welcome to Log Cabin if you are seeking the perfect place to spend your fishing trip, the Watauga River Lodge, which is situated on the trophy part of the Watauga River and is well-known for producing massive brown trout.


You should go to the Watauga River Lodge if you are seeking for a spot to go fishing since it is the optimal location. Without a doubt,

The Dining Area

A small eating space that incorporates buffet storage can be found there, and it is situated just under the window. Located off to the side and behind the living area is where you will discover this useful retreat.


The gray and white log cabinets and counter that are present in the kitchen are complimented by this, which is the perfect fit for the kitchen’s color scheme.

A one-of-a-kind bar area is located on the inside of the kitchen counter at this property, as opposed to being located on the outer edge of the kitchen counter near the dining room. This is a significant difference from other kitchen counters that are located in the same location.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

One of the bedrooms that is located downstairs is the ideal master bedroom because it offers a large amount of space and the traditional wood walls that you like.


And a separate bathroom that has been enhanced to the point where it is suitable for a master suite. For these reasons, it is the perfect master bedroom.

As a result of the high ceilings and the ceiling fan that is now placed in this specific bedroom, the space gives the impression of being far bigger than it is. This particular bedroom has a charming and spacious ambiance to offer its guests.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

There are similarities between the tiling, log cabinets, and countertops in this log cabin’s bathrooms and those found in the kitchen, even though the worktops in the bathrooms are different.

The worktops are different, which is the sole variation between the two. One of the things that we like is the gorgeous scenery that was created by combining straightforward hues with elaborate embellishments.


Take the time to admire the wonderful tile work that has been done on the walls of the shower in the master bathroom. This is something that you should not miss out on.

When we come across it in a bathroom like this one, it is a feature that we enjoy since it has a built-in cubby that can be used to store essential products like shampoo and soap. This is something that we truly like.

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