Give me a minutes


Today we can plant a rose tree if we take the time to do it. Today, we can save 5 dollars if we try to work then pick it in saving pig money saving. This evening, after free from working, we can call to the important people for at least 10 minutes if we take the time to do it. We can reply many messages if we take the time to do. We can do a part time job if we take the time to do it. We can read an article of new if we take time to do it. Every day there are so many things that we “skip or keep it for later”.  But the time is slowly moving away from us little by little without realizing it.

Of course, there are many things that we can do and it is a small thing that it can fulfill the meaning of life, but we often look down on or leave those opportunities “Just for skip it or later”.

We used the word “later” until we could not grow a tree of rose. we use the word “later” until we could not save 100$ a month. We use the word “later” to call to parents, until they will pass away and leave us forever.

So stop saying “I will do it later. Skip it first, or wait I don’t have time”. Just try to take a short time to do what you have to do to make sure you will never be sorry later.

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