Fantastic Log Cabin In Franconia And Enchanting

Welcome to The Eaglet Log Cabin can be found in Franconia, New Hampshire, which is an ideal location for a vacation due to its proximity to Lincoln, which is just 34 kilometers away.


And the fact that it provides you with the chance to take in spectacular views of the mountains that are in the surrounding area.

The Living Area

In addition to having cathedral ceilings and a fireplace that is situated on the wall that is the furthest away from the windows, the major living room is a space that is open and spacious when compared to other living rooms.

 The fact that this area is not only warm and welcoming but also warm and inviting enough for the whole family to have a seat and rest makes it a very beautiful place to be.


It is possible to observe in the next photo that the kitchen is located directly under the lofted sitting area and is placed directly behind the living room. This is something that can be seen by the viewer.

Coming from the porch, there is a side entrance on the other side of the log cabin that leads directly into the stairs. This door is located within the log cabin.

Another side entrance is located on the other side of the log cabin from the front door, and it leads straight into the kitchen. The kitchen is easily accessible from the front door.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

One of the bedrooms that offers a mix of stone and wood for the walls is the one that is located right next to the kitchen. This particular bedroom is one of the most popular ones.

Not only is the space open, but there is also enough space surrounding the bed to accommodate an individual.


Furthermore, there is room for a couch or loveseat that may be used for either sitting or reclining, depending on the user’s preference.

There are extra bedrooms available on the property, in addition to the stunning log walls, wood flooring, and wood ceilings that are featured throughout the structure.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

It is a contemporary area that has a huge glass shower that is equipped with a rainfall showerhead. The master bathroom is a contemporary environment.


In addition, there is modern open storage space situated under the basins that are situated on the vanity.

One can always find something appealing about a master bathroom, and in addition to that, it serves a little bit of an additional role.

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