Fantastic Log Cabin Get Away Spot In Canada

Welcome to Log Cabin when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Ivey Lake Lodge, which is located in Mount Currie, British Columbia, Canada, is the ideal spot to go because of its location.


The Living Area

Even though your floor plan is noticeably smaller in comparison to that of typical residences, it is still capable of providing you with the warm and inviting space that you need.

It is one of our favorite features that can be found in any log cabin, and as you enter the front door, you are met with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that is generated by the custom stone fireplace. This fireplace is one of the characteristics that can be found in any house.

It would seem that in addition to the dining room that is located behind the living nook, they have also used the wall that is located behind the living nook as a place for their office.


To have access to the porches that are located at the end of the log bin and at the rear of the house, doors that are located on both sides of the room are provided.

One possible location for a flight of steps that goes to the lofted area is on the other side of the entrance entryway from where the door is placed when it is opened.

To be clear, the log cabin in issue does not have a complete second story; rather, it just has a loft on one end of the house. This is a crucial fact to keep in mind. On the second story of the building, there is a loft that occupies the space.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedroom that is situated on the second level is a pleasant space that has windows on both sides, a dormer window that provides additional space for storage or a small chair, and the wood floor stain that they have selected for this particular area is something that we find to be very appealing.


The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Despite its relatively modest size, the bathroom that is located on the second floor has a large corner shower, a vanity, and a toilet. All of these amenities are included in the bathroom.

As a result of the fact that everything you want is within easy reach, this location in the loft is an excellent option for the bedroom since it is handy.


There is a classic bathtub and shower combination in the bathroom on the main level that is located downstairs.

Additionally, there is a bigger vanity that includes storage space, and the toilet is concealed by a partial wall for increased privacy. Every one of these amenities may be found inside the confines of the bathroom.

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