Fantastic Log Cabin A Secluded And Romantic Retreat

Welcome to Log Cabin explore the inside of this warm and inviting log cabin retreat that is situated near Nelsonville, Ohio, and have a look around.


The cabin can accommodate a maximum of five visitors at any one time, in addition to the fact that it contains one bedroom and two bathrooms.

The Living Area

When you enter this log cabin, the ceiling and paneling are both made of light blonde wood.

This is the first thing that you notice when you enter the log cabin. Moreover, there are long walls that have been half-hewn, a ceiling that is paneled, and a multitude of wonderful embellishments, one of which is this floor that is colored with dark wood.

When the doorway is opened, not only does it show the location of the great room, but it also opens up to display the steps that go up to the open loft as well as the loft chamber itself.


However, in contrast to the other log cabins, this loft is more of an open atmosphere, and it does not include any beds. In addition, there are no beds in this loft.

In comparison to the other rooms that we have seen up to this point, this room, which is also referred to as the great room, is one of our favorites overall.

On the wall that is positioned behind you, some very gorgeous windows reach up to the ceiling.

The view of Michigan from the outside is breathtaking; yet, the fact of the matter is that this is a breathtaking sight regardless of where you are in the world.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The wonderful and roomy look of this particular bedroom in this house is the result of a lot of factors that add to the overall appearance of the bedrooms.


The beams that are located above the bed, the log walls, and the wood flooring are all examples of characteristics that are included in this category.

Even though it has been kept up to date with the necessary contemporary additions, it nonetheless exudes an air of rustic charm.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

There is no question in our mind that the bathrooms in this house are stunning because they are stunning.


One of a kind is the jacuzzi bathtub that is located in this master bathroom, which is surrounded by a wood base that was created just to surround the bathtub.

Once again demonstrating that it is possible to easily mix elements of contemporary design with those of rustic design, this combination is successful.

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