China and US are Preparing for War for global leadership


The Great Leader has not intention to go to the war, but he is always already for wars. As mentioned by a strategist that ” the absence of the war doesn’t mean that the war will not happen, but it is the time to prepare to seek the victory”. It is also observed that “the conflict between the rising and ruling power is inevitable. Both sides are templating to formulate the strategies and reasons to protects their powers, interests, and influence respectively. U.S and China are now considering each other as the biggest enemy. The military of the both sides are confronting and looking at each others with anger and muscles. China sees US as the blocker who is trying to build a great siege, while US consider China as the aggressor.

For China, Asian affairs and security must uphold by Asian. China is the #1 in Asia in which it must play more important role and influence than any country. Japan is very advanced in technology and highly-developed in term of economy, but can be considered only as Number #2 in Asia because its weakness of military, base on importing raw materials almost 90%, and under the controlling of the US. Russia is so powerful in term of military, but so weak in term of economy and geopolitics, the east and west of Russia are so far way, therefore, Russia is Number #3 in Asia. Number four should be given to India because of populations and divisions. ASEAN is very attractive in term of economy and geopolitics, So it should be ranked Number 5.

Chinese Strategist Yan Xuetong advised that ” China should not believe that the International Institution can prevent the war from happening. It should depend on its own capacity”. Ye Zicheng also says ” China should be highly alerted from any attack”. China has been invaded over 100 times through the sea since 1842″. So, China has tried its hard to build naval power and the concept of Anti-Access or Denial Area. The military strategists and Chinese generals believe that “the war between the two countries will happen in the Sea”. While China preventing, US is pushing to Chinese seas.

The western scholars also believe that ” the high-tech war between US and China will happen in the sea”. The likely breaking out of the war of the two countries will between 2025-2035, sometimes, during these periods. Now, US has sent more and more of its navies, robots boats, drones, air craft-carriers, and seeking to build the missile network to put China under its (US) wishes. While China is very seriously developing its sea powers, destroyers, air craft carriers, long and medium missiles to counter the threats. Both sides are seeking the victory before fighting.

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