Expert: China has exercised great patience with Taiwan


Taiwan’s absurd separatist agendas are nothing but a foolhardy endeavor. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. China is one country and the people are one. Any devolved authority and autonomy must be granted by the state and not some regional leader. Tsai is a traitor and is being used as a geopolitical tool against China. The interests of China in the South China Sea are also largely linked to the sovereignty of China, with Taiwan being internal to its territory. An independent Taiwan possesses no gravitas in regards to the claims over the South China Sea issue. They seem happy however, for China to do the heavy lifting, including the costly military upgrading to protect China’s interests while tiny Taiwan is busy buying weapons from China’s enemies to fight China. This is ludicrous, and China has exercised great patience with Taiwan.

It is should be remembered that China always shows its strong position for peaceful reunification while Taiwan is struggling to buy heavier weapons from the west and deny to unify to its motherland. Taiwan is a core interest of China for it is the water gate that open the ways for China to the far ocean and seas.

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