EU, India, Japan, and Australia working with U.S to Contain China


Second of all, The Chinese enemies and the great geopolitical challenges. China is surrounded by its enemies, India in South Asia, Vietnam in South East Asia, Japan in the east Asia, Australia as the potential enemy, as well as U.S. In addition, even though Russia is having a great cooperation with China now, but it does not mean that Russia will allow China to be the global superpower.

Let’s examine more thoroughly. India, the enemy of China, also has great potentialities that is expanding its power in Indian oceans and stepping forward to compete for important role and power in the world. India is a very populated country and has a great ambition to be one of the greatest powerful nations on earth.

(India is on the right path)

Japan: It is should be remembered that Japan was a great of the great during the second world war. Now, Japan is trying to save its credit and hide capacity for the long-term competitions. Japan as the third largest economy of the world is now the fifth powerful country in the naval power. Japan has enough capacity to produce nuclear and could become the most powerful among the powerful nations.

Russia: China and Russia now are cooperating in the purposes of struggling to reduce the west hegemony in the world and for mutual interests. Russia needs Chinese investment on its energy. Both countries has no trusted foundations to guarantee their last long friendship. However, no last long friendship, but interests.

EU: ” China is the rival system of EU”, this is what they believe in the EU. EU has enough experiences and clever enough to handle with China. E.U and U.S both can live without China, but China can’t live without them. China also having the trouble with some of the ASEAN members in South China Sea dispute. No country can become the superpower with many enemies and without allies. Beyond these, Australia is struggling to reduce Chinese influence to tell China that they can’t accept Chinese ways of doing things. (Continue reading) or By the Book ” China”.

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