East Asia: The Rising and Racing


Asia is one of the most populous continents with a rich religious and multicultural tradition. East Asia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, led by two large economies and high-income economies. It is a populated region with strong technology, strong military and  one of the most dominated and influential regions in the world. East Asia, led by China, a country with an ancient culture, a largest population, an economic power, is the communist world leader who has the ambition to compete and replace the United States.

The vision of world order and political order are different from that of the United States, and is a potential rival to the end of the United States’ century. The United States interferes internal affairs of other countries, while China forbids talking about the internal affairs of others. The United States focuses on human rights and democracy, China focuses on economic growth.

China has drawn many countries into rapid growth and has created a dramatic change in global politics and economy. The new world order of the United States is facing a new context of emerging powers such as China, Russia, Brazil, India, Japan, South Africa.

East Asia, after China, is Japan, a power that is hiding its capabilities and is looking for opportunities to expand its power. Japan is a country with strong human resources, high technological ability, good ethics and discipline. In recent history, Japan was a great power in Asia and even fought to drive France and Britain out of Asia, as well as defeated Russia.

Moreover, South Korea is also a country with strong capacity and economic growth. Indeed, Japan, South Korea are allies under US’s protection. The world politics is changing, the international environment is changing, China is becoming more and more powerful, and with North Korea’s nuclear weapons, South Korea and Japan need to find ways to expand their powers so that they will be able to protect its national interest and security. The armed and technological racing in the region will increase, but at the same time it will bring prosperity to Asia as well as the world.

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